planet-wide adv.

on, over, or throughout an entire planet

  • 1933 J. Kendig, Jr. Eternal Mask in Amazing Stories Feb. 1017/2 page image Julian Kendig, Jr. bibliography

    At home he was known planet-wide as Secretary Lama.

  • 1943 ‘R. Rocklynne’ Beyond the Boiling Zone in Startling Stories Dec. 86/2 page image Ross Rocklynne bibliography

    Once every seven years, Vulcan has an earthquake, planet-wide.

  • 1959 W. Whiteford Who Rides the Tiger in Science Fiction Adventures Dec. 29 page image Wynne Whiteford bibliography

    A news sequence came on the screen…with close-ups of huge atomic-powered installations scattered planet-wide to change the atmosphere of the uninhabited world to make it breathable within a year.

  • 1970 R. Garrett & M. Kurland Fimbulsommer in Worlds of If Sept.–Oct. 20/2 page image Randall Garrett Michael Kurland bibliography

    Some local change could affect the area for a year or two but anything that drastic, over that long a period of time, would have to be planetwide as far as I can tell.

  • 1993 K. S. Robinson Red Mars v. 258 Kim Stanley Robinson bibliography

    Is there anything to stop it from growing planetwide?

  • 1996 M. Bishop The Procedure in Science Fiction Age July 39/2 page image Michael Bishop bibliography

    The summoner on my bedtable had keys for food, research aid, and the referencing of millions of sites, activities, and services planetwide.

  • 2002 I. Watson Speaker for the Wooden Sea in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 127 page image Ian Watson bibliography

    EMP will have propagated through circuits planet-wide, frying a lot of Lill-2 in the process.

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