RSN adv.

= RealSoonNow adv.

SF Fandom

  • 1959 R. H. Eney Fancyclopedia II 137 page image Dick Eney bibliography

    Real Soon Now…Term created by Martin Alger in 1950 to describe the excitement evident in the voice of George H Young when he spoke of the con to be held in Detroit RSN.

  • 1968 Spacewarp (#88) Apr. (unpaged) page image

    I don’t feel so guilty about all the…projects I haven’t time for at the moment (but I gotta dig out those limericks RSN!).

  • 1981 Thyme (#9) 29 Dec. (unpaged) page image

    Joyce Scrivner and I are planning (RSN) to organize a Minneapolis Fans for Melbourne in 85 group to give moral and other support to the bid.

  • 1987 Twilight Zine (#38) Spring 38/1 page image

    P.S. Next ish of The Clockwork Grapefruit to be out RSN!

  • 1998 Outworlds (#70) 2650/1 page image

    Toni Weisskopf is working on a biography of Tucker’s Life & Work (portions of which are to be published in these pages, RSN).

  • 1999 Trap Door (#19) May (unpaged) page image

    Watch out for the sign….It’s not erected yet, but RSN…. [second ellipsis in orig.]

  • 2009 Relapse (Prolapse) (#13) Feb. 44 page image

    You must Do Something RSN.

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