RealSoonNow adv.

in the near future; quickly; very soon

Often used ironically, with the sense ‘eventually; at some point’.


SF Fandom

  • 1959 R. H. Eney Fancyclopedia II 137 page image Dick Eney bibliography

    Real Soon Now When the MSFS/DSFL was going to have: a convention, a decent fanzine, an active membership, a properly run meeting and many other fine things that didn’t quite happen. Term created by Martin Alger in 1950 to describe the excitement evident in the voice of George H Young when he spoke of the con to be held in Detroit RSN.

  • 1962 B. Pelz Menace of the LASFS (vol. 8, no. 1) 5 Apr. 1 page image Bruce Pelz

    SHAGGY #61 is supposed to be coming out Real Soon Now.

  • 1962 D. Franson Key to the Terminology of Science-Fiction Fandom 15 Donald Franson bibliography

    Real Soon Now — Fannish promise of imminent activity, now has meaning of ‘far in the future’. Capitals denote sarcasm.

  • 1966 Yandro (#161) July 4 page image

    I’ll write to her publisher RealSoonNow, but while I'm thinking about it, I’ll just note the question here, too.

  • 1970 Embelyon (#1) May 6 page image

    None of this ‘I’m going to write something realsoonnow when I have the time’.

  • 1980 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook 4 July 15/2 page image

    There was a longish for the latest issue, #43 (Mar. 1980) which emerged with some enthusiasm to return it to regular quarterly publication RealSoonNow.

  • 1993 Anvil (#55) 1 Apr. 2/2 page image

    We got a lot of advance stuff decided, and new, bigger, updated flyers will be out RealSoonNow, and may even be included with thish.

  • 2003 AUUGN June 8/2 page image

    To supplement these invited speakers, a Call for Papers (CFP) will be made RealSoonNow, to invite submissions from others in the Open Source / Free Software community to be involved in this event.

  • 2022 SF Commentary (#110) July 11/2 page image

    What I plan on doing, RealSoonNow, is a separate letterzine (of a title yet to be determined, suggestions welcome) reprinting a selection of correspondence for the first 25 issues of the run.

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