Rhean n.

a native or inhabitant of the Saturnian moon Rhea; (also) the language of Rheans




  • 1939 β€˜D. Clive’ Valley of Pretenders in Science Fiction Mar. 61/1 page image John Russell Fearn bibliography

    Every one of the Rheans fell to the ground, holding their ears in anguish, their higher hearing powers wrenched and hammered by the frightful concussion.

  • 1941 E. Hamilton Mystery Moon in Amazing Stories Jan. 101/2 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    He levelled the copper tube at the nearest of the advancing Rheans, and pressed the stud. The needle-like blue beam shot forth and struck the Rhean.

  • 1947 O. Binder Ring Bonanza in Startling Stories July 62/1 page image Otto Binder bibliography

    The other isβ€”oh, thank the stars!β€”it’s early Rhean, which is a language we know!

  • 1949 I. Asimov Mother Earth in Astounding Science Fiction May 77/2 page image Isaac Asimov bibliography

    The Rhean grew haughty in his turn: β€˜No better soil in the sector. And the rye is top-grade.’

  • 1953 E. F. Russell Design for Great-Day in Planet Stories Jan. 28/1 page image Eric Frank Russell bibliography

    One has to be decidedly north-eyed to see a Rhean with real clarity.

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