Centaurian n. 2

the language of Centaurians



  • 1943 I. Asimov Death Sentence in Astounding Science-Fiction Nov. 35/1 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    But he doesn’t claim to be able to decipher more than portions. He says it is related to ancient Centaurian and I’ve put linguists to work on it. It can be cracked and if his translation isn’t accurate, we’ll know about it.

  • 1956 E. F. Russell Plus X in Astounding Science Fiction June 13/2 page image Eric Frank Russell bibliography

    ‘Any of you speak Terran?’ They looked at the sky, the wall, the ground, or at each other, and remained silent. ‘Anyone know Centaurian?’ No answer.

  • 1957 J. V. Peterson Second Census in Infinity Science Fiction Oct. 118/2 page image John Victor Peterson bibliography

    A split second later we heard a riveting machine burst of what was obviously Centaurian profanity coming down the shaft as the alien found the exit closed.

  • 1985 D. Adams So Long, & Thanks For All the Fish i. 3 page image Douglas Adams bibliography

    It had large characters printed on the side which read (to anyone who could decipher the Centaurian alphabet) DUTY-FREE MEGA-MARKET, PORT BRASTA, ALPHA CENTAURI.

  • 2006 D. Galanter Shadows of the Indignant in Star Trek: Mere Anarchy (2009) 223 page image Dave Galanter bibliography

    ‘You speak English?’ ‘This is a customs office…. I speak a variety of Terran, Vulcan, Andorian, Centaurian, and Orion languages.’

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