non-terrestrial n.

an (intelligent) being that is not from Earth; = extraterrestrial n., alien n.


  • 1946 Story Behind the Story in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 112 page image

    The assumption that the non-terrestrials would see, hear, feel, desire, to the same effect that men do is of course superficial.

  • 1951 A. Saunders Letter in Fantastic Adventures July 123/1 page image

    Where did the visitor come from?…If a non-terrestrial, was the trip to Earth made in a flying saucer?

  • 1952 ‘R. Arnette’ Unfinished Equation in Fantastic Adventures Apr. 60/2 page image Rog Phillips bibliography

    She had probably remembered that, and knew that he too was a—nonterrestrial.

  • 1954 P. K. Dick Present for Pat in Startling Stories Jan. 111/1 page image Philip K. Dick bibliography

    We’ll restore Matson to his original shape. We’ll return the non-Terrestrial to Ganymede.

  • 1959 I. T. Sanderson Now Meet the Nonterrestrial in Fantastic Universe Jan. 56/1 page image Ivan T. Sanderson bibliography

    The Non-terrestrial should therefore have a high percentage chance of coming out not too unlike us.

  • 1964 P. K. Dick What the Dead Men Say in Worlds of Tomorrow June 155/1 page image Philip K. Dick bibliography

    My God, it’s coming to us from beyond the solar system! Could it be nonterrestrials of some kind?

  • 1988 K. Newman Famous Monsters in Interzone (#23) Spring 41 page image Kim Newman bibliography

    As you must know, Ptyehshdneh got the part and went on to be the first non-terrestrial to walk off with the Best Actor statuette on Oscar night.

  • 2009 S. Guerrier The Slitheen Excursion (Doctor Who) (2013) 104: page image Simon Guerrier bibliography

    We’re not the only non-terrestrials to come this way. The Osirans made quite an impact on the continent just south of here.

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