space field n. 1

a field of energy

Rare. Obs.

Cf. air field β€˜a magnetic field in air’ (1890 in OED).

  • 1931 J. W. Campbell Islands of Space in Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring 199/1 page image John W. Campbell, Jr. bibliography

    There was the familiar tension in the air as the space field built up and they were hurled suddenly forward, the star-like dot of the planet suddenly expanding as they rushed forward.

  • 1934 β€˜D. Stuart’ Twilight in Astounding Stories Nov. 52/2 page image John W. Campbell, Jr. bibliography

    The machine was resting on gravity nullifiers. That had been my hope when I worked on the space fields I discovered after the release.

  • 1941 T. S. Gardiner Cosmic Tragedy in Comet Mar. 117/2 page image Thomas S. Gardiner bibliography

    All the tremendous kilowatts of energy had been flowing for hours into those great reservoirs of bound energy, the artificial space field invented by Minski of Stalingrad.

  • 1941 H. Walton Subcruiser in Astounding Science-Fiction May 111/2 page image Harry Walton bibliography

    The laws of three-dimensional space, suspended between herself and normal bodies, were maintained for ship and crew by the artificial space field created by her Rexdallians.

  • 1954 G. O. Smith Spacemen Lost in Startling Stories Oct. 20/2 page image George O. Smith bibliography

    There has been a partial failure of the warp-generator. If this failure becomes complete, and the space field collapses, the effect will be that of precipitating intrinsic mass into the real Universe while traveling at some high multiple of the velocity of light.

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John W. Campbell, "Islands of Space", in Amazing Stories Quarterly

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