conapt n.

an apartment in a condominium

Frequently regarded as a characteristic term of Philip K. Dick, who used it in many other works than are shown here.

[condominium + apt (from apartment)]

  • 1964 P. K. Dick Cantata 140 in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July 49/1 page image Philip K. Dick bibliography

    ‘Where can I find this Lackmore right now?’ ‘In his conapt in Oakland, California. Probably eating dinner; it’s about six, there.’

  • 1964 P. K. Dick Unteleported Man in Fantastic Dec. 24/1 page image Philip K. Dick bibliography

    He followed Rachmael into the conapt living room—the whole room, in fact: living-conditions on Terra being what they were. [Ibid. 41/1] Their neighbors in the tiny cramped conapt with which they shared a bathroom.

  • 1966 P. K. Dick We Can Remember It For You Wholesale in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 4/2 page image Philip K. Dick bibliography

    ‘Okay,’ Douglas Quail said, and made his way barefoot from the bedroom of their conapt to the kitchen. [Ibid. 8/1] A cab will leave you off at your conapt and as I say you will never remember seeing me or coming here.

  • 1968 K. Laumer Once There Was a Giant in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Nov. 14/2 page image Keith Laumer bibliography

    He went to a shelf, lifted down a pack the size and shape of a climate unit for a five room conapt.

  • 1969 P. K. Dick Ubik (1970) 21 Philip K. Dick bibliography

    Our department—in fact this entire conapt building—is now programmed against an extension of services and/or credit to such pathetic anomalies as yourself, sir.

  • 1976 R. W. Brown How You See It, How You Don’t in Amazing Stories Mar. 97/2 page image Rich Brown bibliography

    He closed the door to their home for the last time, put the key in an envelope which he mailed to her at Donald’s conapt, and walked the 20 blocks to the nearest cold sleep program headquarters.

  • 1989 T. Teng Green-ache in Amazing Stories Nov. 90 page image Tais Teng bibliography

    He still remembered spraying the recorder on the wall…. It had a ten-billion-byte memory, and it would keep recording their conapt forever.

  • 1994 B. Boston Curse of the Cyberhead’s Wife in Science Fiction Age Sept. 48/2 page image Bruce Boston bibliography

    His expression of disgust sums up the dismal environs of their conapt, what he apparently now considers the equally dismal limits of their lives.

  • 2004 L. E. Modesitt, Jr. FLASH (2005) 352 page image L. E. Modesitt, Jr. bibliography

    The next item was to find a weapon. I could have used one of the lethal darts, but I wanted to use something that Maria had in the conapt, and she was the type who would keep something.

  • 2008 J. Luceno Star Wars: Millennium Falcon (2009) 311 page image James Luceno bibliography

    ‘This ship is practically our home.’ ‘You’ve given up the conapt on Coruscant?’

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