gravitied adj. 2

having artificial gravity

  • 1979 H. Moravec Today’s Computers, Intelligent Machines and Our Future in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Feb. 77/2 page image Hans Moravec bibliography

    A machine can be designed to live in free space and love it, drinking in unattenuated sunlight and tolerating hard radiation. And instead of expensive pressurized, gravitied, decorated human colonies, the machines could be put to work converting lunar material into orbiting automatic factories.

  • 1992 ‘C. J. Cherryh’ Hellburner ix. 174 page image C. J. Cherryh bibliography

    Demas called, to say that the carrier was braking, directly after ceasing acceleration. Demas said that there was a contingent of marines aboard needing gravitied accommodations. ‘I copy that. What’s the head count?’ ‘Two thousand.’ That was a carrier’s full troop complement. They wanted miracles.

  • [2014 M. Allen Lunar Camp in Athena’s Daughters 348 page image Maggie Allen bibliography

    In short order, Bee and the others were herded off the transport, through the loading area, and into the artificially gravitied Visitor Center.]

  • 2016 J. Johnson Blockade v. 95 page image Jean Johnson bibliography

    Jackie managed a thumbs-up and started shuffling again toward the crew quarters and the commode therein. It was designed to be accessible while in a gravitied environment, thankfully, even if far too many of the other amenities on board this class of ship were dependent on a lack of gravity to easily access.

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