fan v.

to participate in fandom; cf. slightly earlier fanning n.

SF Fandom

  • 1941 ‘B. Tucker’ Mumblings in Southern Star (#3) Aug. 5 page image Wilson Tucker

    And now, likewise, this checklist of five thousand fans. [...] Allowing two lines per name, including of course address and data on the person, such as a brief note dating and placing his first and last letters (in the event he is no longer fanning), it would require perhaps 160 pages to cover the five thousand, or slightly more.

  • 1944 L. Marlow Superfan’s Perfect Day in Banshee (#4) Mar. 18 page image Leonard Marlow

    Superfan awoke. The fans were fanning, the fishes were fishing, the buds were budding, the seas were seeing, and the moon was doing whatever it does in the a. m.

  • 1954 R. Ellik Castorian Pretender in Chigger Patch of Fandom (#4) 20/1 page image Ron Ellik

    He holds that most fans will either go to college or drop from fandom for other very well-known reasons (well-known at least to all fans who have been fanning over a year and who have had to fight to stay in).

  • 1958 W. Willis I Chose Fandom: or ‘I Was a Fugghead for the N3F’ in Pamphrey (#6) Jan. iii. 7 page image Walt Willis

    I had now been fanning for two years with a ball point pen and I was getting tired of it. I wasn’t the only one. Ken said: ‘I am thinking of inaugurating a fund entitled “Great Project for Humanity and the National Health Eye Scheme. Fighting Fund. A typewriter for the Willis. Buy shares etc.”’

  • 1960 L. Nirenberg in Cry of Nameless (#145) 37 (title) page image

    I Think, Therefore I Fan.

  • 1967 D. Van Arnam in First Draft (#149) 20 Jan. (unpaged) page image Dave Van Arnam

    [W]hat this boils down to is Fanac Is Fanac, and I have Fanned continuously since early 1961... I may vomit...

  • 1981 T. White Minac in Boonfark (#5) Aug. 20 page image Ted White

    In the meantime, I’d fanned. I’d been putting out fanzines since I was fifteen. At first they were largely vehicles, as I mentioned, for me to learn mimeography, layout, and a few editorial skills, but as time went on I learned to write.

  • 1994 B. Zuhl Ben’Zine Fumes in Ben’Zine (#4) Oct. 4 page image

    I’ve been fanning since the early 70’s (and are my arms tired!) I began as a dedicated con-goer but, having no overriding interest in Central Africa, I soon branched out.

  • 2002 M. Resnick What It Takes to Be a Worldcon Guest of Honor in Noreascon 4 Progress Report 1 (Jan.) 6/2 page image Mike Resnick bibliography

    As for Jack Speer, he attended the very first Worldcon back in 1939, wrote a history of fandom, and has been fanning ever since.

  • 2009 K. Forman Why I Am A Fan: Trufans Speak in Idle Minds (#4) Aug. 29/1 page image Ken Forman

    I suppose to sum everything up; I fan because it’s fun. I fan because my fannish family is filled with wonderful interesting people. I fan because it’s fun.

  • 2012 ‘Joe’ Random Jottings in Alexiad (#61) Feb. 2/2 page image Joseph T. Major

    James ‘Rusty’ Hev[e]lin died on December 27, 2011. Born in 1922, Rusty was a fixture of Midwest fandom ever since I can remember, and probably before I was fanning. He was the friend and the cheer of fans, best known for his long-running pose as ‘Bob Tucker’s Father’.

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