supervillainess n.

a woman who uses superpowers or superscience for malevolent purposes; a female supervillain n.

Found from the 1910s in the broader sense ‘an extremely villainous woman’.

  • 1970 M. Constant Comics Are Undergoing Some Changes in The Militant 11 Dec. 12/2

    In the end it turns out that the Valkyrie is actually a fake. She is really the Enchantress, an evil supervillainess who was never actually the victim of male chauvinism but is merely a woman scorned.

  • 1977 M. E. Widzer Comic-Book Superhero in Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (vol. 32) 588 page image

    A featured supervillainess in the main story line is The Star Sapphire, who is the Green Lantern’s love object, under the influence of hypnosis.

  • 1995 G. Cox Iron Man: The Armor Trap 309 page image Greg Cox bibliography

    The woman’s look was clearly inspired by the notorious super-villainess known as the Viper.

  • 2008 Vogue May 228 (caption)

    Batman’s enemy, the supervillainess Poison Ivy, has a toxic touch and a lethal kiss.

  • 2016 A. Moore Jerusalem 37 page image Alan Moore bibliography

    We next encounter the vast, monitor-lit basement complex of a super-villainess where part of Alma’s too-elaborate personality sits in a swivel chair amongst the shifting screens and contemplates deranged agendas.

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