telepathize v.

= telepath v.


  • 1894 F. Podmore Apparitions & Thought-Transference v. 131 page image

    I had intended to telepathise the jumping-jack to you before choosing the water-bottle.

  • 1895 I. K. Funk et al. Standard Dictionary of the Engligh Language II.

    Telepathize, practise telepathy.

  • 1904 ‘M. E. K.’ Telepathic Interlude Play in One Act in Punch (Melbourne, Victoria) 6 Dec. 35/2 page image

    Just at this moment Tom, who has been trying to telepathise Kitty, gets a thought wave in—she becomes distraite.

  • 1918 E. F. Benson Up and Down 260 page image E. F. Benson

    And then when the next bit o fshrapnel [sic] comes along and hits me instead of the potted-meat tin, you will pay half-a-guinea, I think it is—I know I paid for Aunt Aggie and myself—and see if a medium can tell you what is in that box. Nobody will know except me, and I shall be dead, so it really will look very much as if I had a hand in it if a medium in trance can tell you what is in it. A box can’t telepathize, can it?

  • 1937 J. W. Campbell Immortality Seekers in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. iii. 49/2 page image John W. Campbell, Jr. bibliography

    ‘More borax?’ telepathized the animal plaintively. ‘No, Pipeline, not here. You’ll have to visit us some day when we get back to the ship. There is about fifty pounds of it there.’ Pipeline almost danced.

  • 1937 ‘E. Binder’ Queen of Skies in Astounding Stories Nov. vii. 101/1 page image Otto Binder bibliography

    And now I will speak as well as telepathize, for the benefit of the two surface men who are here with me.

  • 1944 F. B. Long Spawn of Further Dark in Startling Stories Spring 106/2 page image Frank Belknap Long bibliography

    ‘Do not be alarmed,’ telepathized Sib Niguth. ‘You will awake together, and she will gravitate into your arms. You Third Planet bipeds are so emotional.’

  • 1950 J. Vance Five Gold Bands in Startling Stories Nov. v. 37/1 page image Jack Vance bibliography

    The Loristanese are psysically [sic] keen. They can telepathize to some extent, and they’re subtle in person-to-person dealings. They’re the merchants of the universe and wonders at group enterprise.

  • 1958 R. Matheson Stir of Echoes (1999) xv. 150 page image Richard Matheson bibliography

    You more than likely telepathized with someone present at the actual wreck. This very often happens when such a catastrophe occurs. And that telepathizing took the form of a quite vivid dream.

  • 1970 L. P. Kelley Harvest in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Mar. 65/2 page image Leo P. Kelley bibliography

    ‘The children,’ Ilyaluana repeated, looking out to sea. She telepathized a summons to them, and each of the five began to swim shoreward at once toward their waiting parents.

  • 1984 J. Asimov & I. Asimov Norby’s Other Secret v. 43 page image Isaac Asimov Janet Asimov bibliography

    Ever since the dragon bite, he and Norby been able to telepathize when they were in contact and thinking hard. He said, ‘I was just trying to think, Norby, and you’re reading my mind.’

  • 2014 T. Harrison Night’s Honor i. 16 page image Thea Harrison bibliography

    ‘Magical ability?’ ‘Sadly, no,’ she said. ‘I can telepathize, but that’s it.’

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