space-born adj. 2

(of something non-living) developed or created in space, rather than on a planet; originating in space

  • 1944 G. O. Smith Long Way in Astounding Science Fiction Apr. 90/2 page image George O. Smith bibliography

    You may have trouble understanding our feelings. We are essentially a space-born company, and as such we can have no one at the helm that is not equipped to handle the technical details of operation in space.

  • 1951 E. F. Russell Afternoon of a Fahn in Imagination Apr. 100/1 page image Eric Frank Russell bibliography

    The effect was electric. Space-born phlegmaticism got thrown to the winds. Drouillard jumped a foot. Captain Searle pulled his gun.

  • 1956 E. Cooper Question of Time in Fantastic Universe May 112/1 page image Edmund Cooper bibliography

    The men of Star Base Three, looking at their chief, saw in the strange brilliance of his eyes a vision of solar expansion, the dream of a space-born civilization bridging the star-gaps.

  • 1990 M. Rosenblum Flood Tide in Asimov’s Science Fiction Dec. 126 page image Mary Rosenblum bibliography

    Damian glowered at the Gossamer’s filmy sails. They had been manufactured by null-g technology up on the Platform—an offshoot of the solar-sail program. Those silvery, space-born sails might win this race for him.

  • 2011 M. Cobley Ascendant Stars 350 page image Michael Cobley bibliography

    Even on the forest moon, that conglomeration of ecosphere and biosentience seems torpid and weak before the unleashed violence of space-born conflict, proof of indecision or delusion, or some other degenerate form of paralysis.

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