planet-hopping adj.

that planet-hops; of or relating to planet-hopping n.

  • 1946 D. Wilcox Land of Big Blue Apples in Fantastic Adventures May 13/2 page image Don Wilcox bibliography

    ‘My people are not interested in the languages of other planets. They would not approve of space ships. That is why I land in the dark.’ Joe and Uncle Keller started at each other. They had imagined her people to be a race of planet-hopping scientists.

  • 1950 C. Stuart …The Anams in the Corson Grow… in Renascence (#1) Aug. 4/1 page image

    Gleeps was an unusual character; he haunted the spacelanes, drove planet hopping tourists mad, and generally made his presence felt in the most infuriating manner.

  • 1953 H. B. Fyfe Fast Passage in Other Worlds Jan. 75/1 page image H. B. Fyfe bibliography

    You penniless, planet-hopping tramp!

  • 1990 B. Searles On Books in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 179/2 page image Baird Searles

    His life has been devoted to creating his own—er, spaceship is not quite the word. It’s more of a planet-hopping estate, fashioned from a comet.

  • 2001 J. Stutz Fantasy or Sci Fi? in Realms of Fantasy Oct. 90/1 page image

    With plenty of high-powered energy cannons, planet-hopping starships, and body-altering cyberware, Fading Suns...has everything that a dyed-in-the-wool science fiction gamer would need. So why is it being reviewed in a fantasy magazine?

  • 2015 M. Clark Star Wars FAQ 23 (caption) page image

    The single greatest inspiration for Star Wars was Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940), Universal’s third and final ‘chapter play’ featuring Buster Crabbe as the planet-hopping hero. [Ibid. 289] Despite its planet-hopping narrative, the real drama of Star Wars doesn't operate on a galactic scale but on an intimate, personal one.

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