planet-hopping n.

the action of making (short) trips from one planet to another

  • 1945 F. B. Long Filch in Astounding Science-Fiction Mar. 60/1 page image Frank Belknap Long bibliography

    Space-warp travel had an advantage over mere planet hopping in a rocket-driven ship.

  • 1951 G. Richardson We’ll Bite—When? in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 135/2 (letter) page image

    Personally I think the whole story was fantastic, not because of the super-gadgets and the planet-hopping but because of the economic and political setup.

  • 1958 L. Biggle, Jr. Morgan’s Lucky Planet in Imagination Apr. 95/2 page image Lloyd Biggle, Jr. bibliography

    The awe-inspiring depths of space did not awe Morgan. He loathed space. He detested planet hopping. He hated space ships.

  • 1968 W. Marks The Cure-All in Worlds of If July 108/2 page image Winston K. Marks bibliography

    Toivo Leskinenn, Storekeeper First Class, left Earth an albino, and returned from planet-hopping in the 9th System a pink-cheeked, brown-eyed, black-haired stranger.

  • 1980 L. A. P. Moore Alpha Centauri A Nine in Fantastic Science Fiction Jan. 72 page image L. A. P. Moore bibliography

    With the information from this flight, you’ll learn more about the new drive than you would from years of planet-hopping.

  • 1987 B. Searles On Books in Asimov’s Science Fiction 188/2 page image Baird Searles

    Seven Worlds is a good combination of adventure, puzzle-solving, and planet-hopping.

  • 2009 D. Gunn Day of the Damned 18 page image David Gunn bibliography

    One of the beds is occupied. Its owner hangs limp from the fat strap that kept him locked down and alive when Olber’s Paradox crashed. A hard habit to break. Buckling yourself in. Speaks to me of a life spent planet-hopping.

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