planet hop n.

a (short) trip made from one planet to another


  • 1948 N. B. Wilkinson Decision Illogical in Astounding Science Fiction July 37/1 page image Neal B. Wilkinson bibliography

    Three months of riotous living at Spaceways’ expense and the rating zooms. One planet hop and it plummets again.

  • 1951 J. Merril Survival Ship in Worlds Beyond Jan. 61 page image Judith Merril bibliography

    Because it wasn’t just another planet hop. It wasn’t just like the hundreds of other takeoffs. It was the Survival, the greatest spaceship ever engineered.

  • 1997 H. E. McCurdy Space & the American Imagination viii. 195 page image

    Scientists construct a space ark to carry forty humans and a menagerie of livestock to a planet where they can begin life anew. The technological challenges of such a planet hop are severe.

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any evidence 1948

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Neal Wilkinson, in Astounding

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