sol n. 2

= solar n.

  • 1939 M. Jameson Mill of the Gods in Astounding Science-Fiction Jan. 132/2 page image Malcolm Jameson bibliography

    Six holes, one hundred and eight miles deep, each—through solid meteoric iron—at twelve and a half sols a lineal foot! What a survey! And how do you propose to get my money back?

  • 1942 M. Jameson Brimstone Bill in Astounding Science-Fiction July 37/1 page image Malcolm Jameson bibliography

    ‘Fifty-four thousand, three hundred and eight sols,’ said the paymaster, ‘including the merchandise items.’ ‘Fair enough. Take that over, too, into the special account.’

  • 1958 M. Reinsberg Tag, You’re It! in Imaginative Tales Mar. 111/2 page image Mark Reinsberg bibliography

    I said I would pay you well for your services. Here. Take fifty sols in advance.

  • 1998 P. Heck On Books in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 137/2 page image Peter Heck

    Schwatzendale, the Engineer, is a card shark and all-around gambler, who preys on anyone willing to wager a few sols with him.

  • 2007 A. E. Cowdrey Envoy Extraordinary in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept. 47 page image Albert E. Cowdrey bibliography

    The Bursar found that he owed nineteen sols and a demilune because a line-item in his budget had been disallowed.

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