science fiction n. 1

a work of science fiction n. 2

SF Criticism


  • 1897 H. B. Mason Rip Van Winkle Episode in Pharmaceutical Era (vol. 17, no. 20) 20 May 592/1 page image

    My last remembrance had been of reading Mr. Lloyd’s Etidorhpa…. The complete arrest of bodily function and tissue waste which the central figure of that remarkable science-fiction achieved at the point where gravitation ceases, somewhere between here and China, impressed me deeply.

  • [1932 E. King Letter in Astounding Stories Apr. 136/1 page image

    Don’t change the size of the magazine. If you do, it will be just like the other Science Fictions, and we will be walking off with the wrong book.]

  • 1951 G. Conklin Galaxy’s 5 Star Shelf in Galaxy Magazine Nov. 97/1 page image Groff Conklin

    The eleventh of Eric Temple Bell’s pseudonymous science fictions to get into book form during the last quarter-century, this deals with the science and mystery of evolution.

  • 1954 K. Sherry This ‘Them!’ Is Really It! in Picturegoer 28 Aug. 10/2

    From the start—a little girl found wandering, shocked and staring, in the desert after her parents have been carried off to become an ant’s breakfast—Them! has it over other science fictions I have seen. Not just technically.

  • 1964 G. Conklin Science Fiction Special 9 (1974) 74 (editorial introduction to ‘Unit’, by J. T. McIntosh) Groff Conklin bibliography

    This brilliant Scotsman first began writing for American publication in 1950, and has since had a sizable number of first-rate science fictions in our magazines.

  • 1971 R. Kostelanetz in Humanist Sept.–Oct. 24/1

    In literature, for instance, the works that are most political in this sense are those science fictions (notably neglected even by the litterateurs who call themselves ‘radical’) in which readers may inspect a diversity of fully fleshed visions of alternative life.

  • 1998 W. Bradley Tube Corn in Interzone (#133) July 35/3 page image Wendy Bradley

    I think that what I’ve learned from the ratings that other science fictions have got is it does appear that there is an audience which will experiment with any new sf and will give it a try.

  • 2004 M. Atwood Writing Utopia in Writing with Intent (2011) xii. 95 Margaret Atwood

    There are Huxley’s ritualistic group sex and bottle babies, Skinner’s boxes, and various minor science fictions—written by men, I hasten to add—in which women devour their mates or paralyse them and lay eggs on them, à la spiders.

  • 2009 D. D. Kilgore Books in Review in Science Fiction Studies (vol. 36 pt. 3) Nov. 538 page image De Witt Douglas Kilgore

    There was not space, given the book’s parameters, to mention writer-director Kevin Willmott, an African American filmmaker producing serious, thought-provoking science fictions.

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