spacegram v.

transitive to send (a spacegram); also with recipient as object, and intransitive


  • 1931 J. H. Haggard Adventure on Eros in Wonder Stories Sept. 549/1 page image J. Harvey Haggard bibliography

    โ€˜Donโ€™t you see,โ€™ said Professor D Four-Ten. โ€˜A simple problem in physics!โ€™ For a moment I thought he was crazy. My own brain, yet revolving inwardly, could not so readily accept this calmness. Fears swept me, regrets, and the love of life. Surely this calm old fool was crazy. But his voice droned on and on. โ€˜A simple problem in physics. The cloud of meteorites charged the great lava-basalt sphere, which is Eros, to its very full. The Valondine, landing on Eros for refueling, became charged. Now it will attract us, sweep us to our death! The Martian Commander realized this and spacegrammed to earth. But it was too late, too late!โ€™

  • 1952 K. F. Crossen Things of Distinction in Startling Stories Mar. vi. 115/2 page image Kendell Foster Crossen bibliography

    โ€˜Model PS-3472,โ€™ exclaimed the old man. โ€˜Butโ€”โ€™ โ€˜Our first order,โ€™ interrupted Jerry, โ€˜if you agree to the changes, will be for ten billion hats. Terms, thirty days net on a non-returnable basis.โ€™ โ€˜Itโ€™s a deal,โ€™ J. E. McFinister said quickly, as if he were afraid Jerry might change his mind. โ€˜Weโ€™ll spacegram the specifications as soon as this call is finished,โ€™ said Jerry. โ€˜How soon can we have a shipment?โ€™

  • 2004 L. McConchie & A. Norton Beast Masterโ€™s Circus x. 170 page image Andre Norton Lyn McConchie bibliography

    Storm rode the basin lands and the ranch had never been so meticulously run. Tani spent time spacegramming her aunt and uncle. Kady and Brion had contacts in strange places. And it could be surprising what unworldly scientists sometimes learned.

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