mind-controlling adj.

of a device or a being: having the ability to control a person’s thoughts or actions; (also) of or relating to mind control n.

  • 1929 V. G. Mathison Mongolians’ Ray in Amazing Stories June 260/2 page image Volney G. Mathison bibliography

    It is obvious that the only way to combat them is to duplicate their radio mind-controlling instruments, and then engage them in a war of extermination, with their own diabolical apparatus.

  • 1944 M. W. Wellman Strangers on the Heights in Startling Stories Summer 35/2 page image Manly Wade Wellman bibliography

    It ties into this mind-reading and mind-controlling activity.

  • 1949 A. E. van Vogt Players of Null-A in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 119/2 page image A. E. van Vogt bibliography

    Robot Control confirmed that a hundred and eight warships, including two battleships and ten cruisers, had been seized by a concentrated force of fifteen million mind-controlling robots.

  • 1958 ‘O. H. Leslie’ Mission: Murder! in Amazing Stories Nov. 62/1 page image Henry Slesar bibliography

    We knew that these mind-controlling mutants were posing as business men, successful men whose financial powers were all part of the invasion program.

  • 1979 Starburst Magazine (#15) Nov. 45/1 page image

    Batman, however, is only borderline sf by way of involving mind controlling devices (reminiscent of Buck Rogers) to create zombies.

  • 1998 J. Mayhew Book Reviews in Absolute Magnitude 44/3 page image Joe Mayhew

    Some of the Zombie-like Dead have been implanted with mind-controlling robot-spiders.

  • 2020 S. Maggs Built on Hope xx. 312 page image Sam Maggs bibliography

    Nadia grabbed the notebook and ran back to the kitchen, holding it aloft. ‘I have this now!’ she said excitedly. ‘Please tell me it’s not another mind-controlling robo-mom,’ Taina groaned. ‘No.’ Nadia shook her head. ‘My own journal. Look!’

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