neurolink n.

a technologically based communication connection between a (human) brain and a computer system; a device providing such a connection; cf. jack in v.

  • [1988 B. Schechter Ports of Recall: The Neurolink in Omni Apr. (title) Bruce Schechter bibliography

    Ports of Recall: The Neurolink…. Memories leave traces of themselves in the brain, but learning how to find them is one of science’s trickiest assignments.]

  • 1990 R. Echevarria Transfigurations (episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation) (transcription)

    I’m going to hook your nervous systems to the tricorder. Your brain will regulate both systems. That should stabilize him long enough to get him up to the ship. Take deep, regular breaths. If anything goes wrong I’ll break the connection. [After something does go wrong:] I need you to give him a full bioscan. See if there’s any residual effect from that energy discharge during the neurolink. Keep his arm in cryogenic stasis until the vital signs are strong enough to begin surgical procedures.

  • 1995 J. A. Carver Strange Attractors vi. 76 page image Jeffrey A. Carver bibliography

    /Datanet structures. Holy mokin’—/ Words failed as he peered sideways, at stacked layers of flickering jewellike connections that had appeared, high on the clifftops flanking them. The mere sight of those connections, those pathways, made him dizzy, made him want to reach for the neurolink... [Ibid. xxiv. 306] He sensed his friends nearby, each caught up by the icecore, but neither so intimately as he; his neurolink experience was enabling him to forge much deeper connections. As the visual input came into focus, so did a view of his friends through the connection: virtual figures of shadow traced in fiery lines.

  • 1998 J. L. Blaschke The Dust in Interzone (#129) Mar. 45/1 page image Jayme Lynn Blaschke bibliography

    ‘Can you interface?…We need to find out how bad off we are.’ ‘Yes, I think so.’ He adjusted the neuralink, concentrating.

  • 2004 M. M. Buckner Neurolink (title) M. M. Buckner bibliography

    Neurolink…[back cover copy] The only help he has is a digital ghost of his dead father, connected to him through a neural link.

  • 2004 K. K. Rusch Consequences viii. 70 page image Kristine Kathryn Rusch bibliography

    She bit her lower lip again, a nervous habit that seemed to almost be a tic. He wondered if she had some kind of neurolink that subverted the tic, something he’d shut off.

  • 2008 W. Gleason Into That Good Night in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Apr. 80/1 William Gleason bibliography

    Dr. Meadows…fitted the neurolink cowl over Harry’s scalp…. ‘Doc, I told you, I’m checked out in the MAN. I even know when MAN stands for—mechanized, automated, neurolinked.’

  • 2015 S. Kenyon Born of Betrayal xi. 271 page image Sherrilyn Kenyon bibliography

    She saw his eyes turn vibrant red. At first, she thought it might be from his neurolink with the ship.

  • 2021 M. Frassetto Hunger in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Sept.–Oct. 152/2 Marco Frassetto bibliography

    I’d never heard of Dr. Liu, but that’s not that surprising, since they’re painfully young, and promising young researchers blur together in my mind, these days. They’re dark skinned, wearing a red suit, and look like they’re about to be sick any moment. I check their neurolink presentation, and lines of text appear in my vision next to them. [Ibid. 160/1] ‘Professor, you should really check this cluster behavior,’ Liu says. Their hands shake as they make a gesture, and new data pings into my neurolink. I never became that natural with kinesthetic interface. I guess I’m just too old.

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