Asimovian adj. 2

(of a robot or AI) governed by the Laws of Robotics


  • [1959 P. S. Miller Reference Library in Astounding Science Fiction Feb. 140/1 page image P. Schuyler Miller

    David Starr, young scientific genius and member extraordinary of the Council of Science, and his undersized Martian pal, Bigman Jones, are this time tangling with a Sirian outpost on titan, a lost message capsule, high—or low—interstellar diplomacy, and the Asimovian laws of robotics.]

  • 1990 W. R. G. Duane, Jr. Letter in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Nov. 9/1 page image

    I believe you have stated that you pioneered the idea of robots as servants of mankind rather than creatures that (who?) have malevolently (or innocently) turned on their creators and destroyed them. [...] In Ozma of Oz a character named Tik Tok is introduced and he becomes an important resident of Oz. Since he is a mechanical man who is the ‘slave’ of his human (Dorothy) and is completely admirable in every way, I claim that he is a benign ‘Asimovian’ robot!

  • 1993 G. Mann Review in Science Fiction Age 16/2 page image Geoffrey Mann bibliography

    The Three Laws of Robotics are burned into the positronic brains that give all Asimovian robots their intelligence and scruples.

  • 2006 C. S. Lowe & G. D. Nordley Kremer’s Limit in Analog Science Fiction & Fact July–Aug. iii. 94/2 G. David Nordley C. Sanford Lowe bibliography

    ‘The controller would have to be very sophisticated, possibly even a non-Asimovian AI,’ Sarah said. The idea of an AI not limited by the laws of robotics disquieted Hilda. ‘Chaos, these people have blinders on if they’d do that!’ [...] ‘Our AI’s should help us against that kind of threat.’ Sarah shrugged. ‘They’d try to protect us, but remember that our opponents are people, too. Typically Asimovian AI’s stay out of people conflicts until physical harm to someone becomes a real possibility, whatever their evaluation of the potential perpetrators.’

  • 2020 S. Russell Achieving Provably Beneficial, Human-Compatible AI in Practical AI (podcast; episode #85) 13 Apr. page image

    Yeah, so Asimov’s laws, as you say, don’t take into account the probabilistic perspective. They don’t allow for uncertainty. But of course, in the real world there are always risks. So an Asimovian self-driving car would simply stay in the garage.

  • 2022 L. Panepinto Robots vs. Lawyers in Muddy Colors 11 Aug. page image

    It [sc. AI-generated art]’s never going to take the place of an illustrator taking the combined thoughts of an author, editor, & art director and turning that into something only they can create. At least not until we get to a true Asimovian level of AIs and robots and we can debate whether they have souls.

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