Callistonian n.

= Callistan n. 1


In quot. 2003, referring to a mythical planet Callisto, not to the Jovian moon.


  • 1930 ‘H. Vincent’ Explorers of Callisto in Amazing Stories Feb. 1009/2 page image Harl Vincent bibliography

    Meanwhile I think we should repair the landing gear and disarm the helpless Callistonians outside before we release them.

  • 1936 L. A. Eshbach Outpost on Ceres in Amazing Stories Oct. 128/2 page image Lloyd Arthur Eshbach bibliography

    You see, this wasn’t an ordinary passenger cruise. It’s Mr. MacDonald’s private car which we were using for a—a diplomatic trip to Callisto. The Callistonians are a peaceful people, according to the Ganymedians, so Mr. MacDonald permitted his daughter to represent him. I am the agent for the smaller stockholders; and the two Martians were emissaries from their branch of the company. Venus, of course, had no official representation.

  • 1943 ‘M. J. Steele’ Warriors of Other Worlds in Fantastic Adventures Aug. 208/2 page image Raymond A. Palmer bibliography

    Their bite is not particularly dangerous to the warrior of Callisto…. Yet, if enough bites are received by a Callistonian, he will be put out of action for several weeks.

  • 1946 J. Vance Planet of Black Dust in Startling Stories Summer 72/1 page image Jack Vance bibliography

    Holderlin turned. The cook had disappeared. ‘Farjoram!’ he cried. Farjoram!’ Holderlin ran to find him and at last discovered the fuzzy-skinned little Callistonian huddled in his cabin, red eyes bulging in great terror. There was foam at his mouth.

  • 1951 Amazing Stories Aug. 73 (illustration to Death by Degrees, by ‘Robert Arnette’) (caption) page image bibliography

    Knowledge, they say, is power. But never tell that to a Callistonian; he’ll prove to you that too much brains means death!

  • [2003 J. French Vampire Slugs on Callisto (2006) vii. 31 page image Jackie French bibliography

    Even Dad was starting to talk like a Callistonian now.]

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