astroengineer n.

an engineer who works on spacecraft or in space; a person who designs or operates the propulsion systems of spacecraft

  • 1947 E. McDowell Beyond the Yellow Fog in Planet Stories Spring 7/1 page image Emmett McDowell bibliography

    Gavin’s amusement gave way to misgivings. He was a special agent of the T.I.S. He had been assigned to the Jovian slave trade for two reasons. He wasn't known on Venus or Jupiter. But, more important, he had been an astro-engineer on a Tri-World ship before joining the T.I.S.

  • 1953 ‘V. Statten’ Black Avengers vii. 99 page image John Russell Fearn bibliography

    ‘Make a good job of those dummy instruments.’ ‘You can be sure of that, sir!’ And there was a laugh from the astro-engineer at the other end of the line.

  • 1962 F. Tinsley Cosmic Butterfly in Amazing Stories Mar. 130/2 page image Frank Tinsley bibliography

    One of the earliest of these [sc. spaceship designs] was envisioned by the German astro-engineer, Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger…. Dr. Stuhlinger now heads N.A.S.A.’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

  • 1972 J. Williamson Moon Children 133 page image Jack Williamson bibliography

    I felt a pang of dismay when I learned that the motor keys were missing, but Andy Elving had been an astro-engineer. He lifted the hood and started the motor with a pair of pliers.

  • 1990 S. M. Stirling Stone Dogs 315 page image S. M. Stirling bibliography

    ‘Makin’ remarkable progress, Merarch-Professor,’ Yolanda said. They were teleconferencing, and the astroengineer was suited up; she could see segments of construction material behind him.

  • 2012 G. Roberts Doctor Who: Shada 242 page image Gareth Roberts bibliography

    Dr R. Skagra…. Geneticist, and astro-engineer, and cyberneticist, and neurostructuralist, and moral theologian.

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