congoer n.

one who attends (usually science fiction) conventions

SF Fandom

  • [1941 Blast!! (editorial) in Tellus (#2) Nov. 4 page image

    But one of the stellar sinners in the matter of hacking is that prolific bird from Oakland, editor, writer, convention-goer and beer-buster, Joe Fortier. Under a score of pen-names in as many different fan magazines, Joe turns out enough material to swamp H. Bedford-Jones.]

  • 1954 Outlander (#11) 21 page image

    It was at the first train stop outside of Los Angeles that I saw my first fellow-congoer.

  • 1960 Profanity Feb. 33

    It might not be a bad idea if one page of future con booklets were used for something along these lines—general guidance of the kind of behaviour expected from neos at their first con, including much of the kind of thing Len had to say here. 'Tis more than likely, were fen to know their work on behalf of the con-goer was appreciated, there might not be so much in evidence the reluctance to take on the duties of a committee.

  • 1964 Erg (#19) Apr. 9 page image

    He is a very good actifan and congoer supreme.

  • 1992 H. Warner, Jr. Wealth of Fable 339 Harry Warner, Jr.

    Alarm over the way attendance increased at worldcons in the 1950s inspired some committees in the 1960s to soft pedal or ban advance publicity for the worldcon in the host city, in order to minimize walk-in congoers.

  • 1993 Locus Oct. iv. 5/3

    Downtown San Francisco proved to be a very atmospheric location, with the street people and the all-night activity providing an interesting setting for costumed con-goers.

  • 1996 J. Quick in Dragon Magazine Nov. 68/2

    Running the gamut of the role-playing community, we serve the young, the old, the hardened con-goers, the new players…and everyone who cares about role-playing games.

  • 2012 J. Ringo Queen of Wands 147 page image John Ringo bibliography

    She’d spent the whole night in one corner or another watching the congoers. It was more or less how she’d spent high school, watching all the kids socialize around her and never being able to break in.

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