Titanese n.

a native or inhabitant of the Saturnian moon Titan; (also) a language used on Titan or by Titanese; cf Titanian n.



  • 1932 โ€˜H. Vincentโ€™ Creatures of Vibration in Astounding Stories Jan. 22/1 page image Harl Vincent bibliography

    But he saw that its entrance door was open and that the space inside was too small for any of them excepting one of the small stature of the Titanese. It was crammed with machinery. Nazu was the only one of their number who could squeeze into the thing; in fact he alone knew how to operate the queer flying machine.

  • 1952 W. Gibson War of the Moons in Fantastic Science Fiction Dec. 7/2 page image Walter B. Gibson bibliography

    Len Ryder gritted his teeth at thought of such fine mechanical contrivances falling to the hands of the Titans. Under his breath, Len muttered: โ€˜Aka aka akaโ€™ which in Titanese meant โ€˜Cโ€™est la guerre.โ€™

  • 1977 J. D. Vinge Eyes of Amber in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact June 20/1 page image Joan D. Vinge bibliography

    โ€˜Ah! Of course. The old brain is not what it was...โ€™ She shook her gray-white head; her black cloak swirled out melodramatically. He grinned, knowing she didnโ€™t mean a word of it. โ€˜Maybe learning Titanese on top of fifty other languages is the straw that breaks the camelโ€™s back.โ€™

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