Titanese adj.

of, or related to, the Saturnian moon Titan or its inhabitants; cf. Titanian adj.


  • 1932 ‘H. Vincent’ Creatures of Vibration in Astounding Stories Jan. 16/2 page image Harl Vincent bibliography

    Carr was first to step from the opened manhole to the soft carpet of the Titanese forest. He found the air cool and crisp, with a tang of ozone assailing his nostrils.

  • 2016 C. A. Higgins Supernova 288 C. A. Higgins bibliography

    Only thin glass overhead separated her from the freezing inhospitality of Titan. Yellow lightning flashed; liquid methane slid greasily down the glass from the Titanese storm overhead. [Ibid.] The level Titanese stone stretched out so far to Constance’s left and right that she almost could not see where the glass came down again to seal off what once had been an air lock between sections of the greenhouse.

  • 2019 P. Barton Midway on Waves in Analog Science Fiction & Fact May–June 117/1 Phoebe Barton bibliography

    ‘Here you are: auspicious noodles. A bit of luck for your journey back to Earth.’ The tourist peered at the bowl and dabbed the chopsticks into it as if he expected the broth to eat them away. ‘You’re sure this is authentic Titan cuisine?’ Naomi narrowed her eyes. ‘Made on Titan, by a Titanese person, from ingredients sourced from Titan, and impossible to make anywhere else. No, it’s 100 percent Martian.’

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