aerocab n.

= aircab n.


  • 1908 Referee 27 Dec. 13/3

    The traffic of the future will be in the skies…. The Aerobus and the Aerocab will be as common then as the motor-’bus and the taxi-cab are now. On the roof of the ‘desirable residences’ there will be a shed in which the tenant can keep his aerocar, and from his roof he will start on his air trips.

  • 1911 H. Gernsback Ralph 124C 41+ in Modern Electrics Nov. 500/1 page image Hugo Gernsback bibliography

    Both were brought back to earth, or rather to their aerocab, by another aeroflyer, which hailed their driver, asking for assistance.

  • 1929 ‘H. Vincent’ Venus Liberated in Amazing Stories Quarterly July 308/2 page image Harl Vincent bibliography

    Teddy’s aerocab was kept extremely busy carrying them back and forth from factory to hangar, and to various concerns, where it was necessary to inspect portions of the apparatus before they were shipped.

  • 1941 N. Schachner Jurisdiction in Astounding Science-Fiction Aug. 34/1 page image Nat Schachner bibliography

    ‘When…when did you arrive?’….‘About five minutes ago. I took an aërocab to beat the news.’

  • 1955 J. H. Haggard Homecoming in Fantastic Universe Aug. 126 page image J. Harvey Haggard bibliography

    Behind him, aerocabs came and went like insects, taking passengers across the swampglades to Loda City.

  • 1965 G. Pearce Security Syndrome in Worlds of If Dec. 67/2 page image Gerald Pearce bibliography

    An aerocab buzzed overhead. Taxis swerved and honked.

  • 1989 P. Anderson Statesmen in J. Baen New Destinies (#8) 255 Poul Anderson bibliography

    He punched for an aerocab, flung on a cape, kissed the woman, rumpled the hair of their youngest child, and went out to the levitor…. Demand was heavy in this weather and he must wait several minutes in the bubble until a cab landed. He got in and gave the address. The pilot told him what the fare would be.

  • 2011 N. Asher Departure 60 page image Neal Asher bibliography

    He strode right across the lounge to the exit doors, beyond which taxis were drawing up, loading up with passengers and puling away. Escalators also led up to aerocar and aerocab platforms but…he chose ground taxi instead. Even with his status rated high, he wanted his profile to remain low, and those arriving at the Inspectorate Headquarters here by aerocar would become the subject of much scrutiny.

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Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1950 reprint of Hugo Gernsback's "Ralph 124C 41+"; Jesse Sheidlower verified a similar cite in an original 1911 appearance. The one we were able to find is from a later instance of the serial, however, and it is likely that there is an earlier example in one of the earlier issues of Modern Electrics; we would like to track this down if possible.
Simon Koppel submitted a 1908 cite from a British newspaper in a speculative (if not SFnal) context.

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