time crime n.

a violation of time travel laws, esp. an illegal attempt to change the past; such violations collectively; cf. time police n.

Time Travel

  • 1955 H. B. Piper in Astounding Science Fiction Feb. 8 (title) page image H. Beam Piper bibliography

    Time Crime.

  • 1956 ‘I. Jorgensen’ Trip to Anywhen in Amazing Stories 110/2 page image Randall Garrett bibliography

    When time travel was invented, a whole new set of laws was promulgated to cover it. One such law is this: time crime cannot be punished by my own century. Time crime must always be tried and punished by the laws of the century visited.

  • 1969 R. Silverberg Up the Line in Amazing Stories July xii. 27/2 page image Robert Silverberg bibliography

    The way they talk, the death penalty is inflicted a million times a day. Actually I don’t think there have been fifty executions for timecrime in the past ten years. And all of those were real nuts, the kind whose mission it is to murder Mohammed.

  • 1981 W. Salomon Time & Punishment in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine 11 May xiv. 148 page image Warren Salomon bibliography

    Crazy hypothesis: Was there a double tampering? [...] No way. Besides, how could Honeywell vanish, leaving Pat to complain about things? Nonsense. And how could there be two different time crimes when I hadn’t yet found traces of one?

  • 2004 J. Fforde Something Rotten viii. 97 page image Jasper Fforde bibliography

    ‘Hello,’ said a prerecorded voice. ‘You’re through to the Swindon ChronoGuard. To assist with your inquiry, we have a number of choices. If you have been the victim of temporal flexation, dial one. If you wish to report a temporal anomaly, dial two. If you feel you might have been involved in a timecrime...’

  • 2009 C. J. Henderson Solid Men in Steam Powered Love (2011) 147 page image C. J. Henderson bibliography

    The Time Patrol was created to guard Proven Time. Any threats from one time period to events in another are met with the harshest punishments. There was a movie once, back when they made them still, that had a line in it that kind of sums up what we do. A guy holds out a pocket watch and says something like, ‘It’s just a cheap piece of junk, but bury it in the desert for a thousand years and it becomes priceless.’ If that were the extent of timecrime, I’m not certain anyone would even care. That’s not the kind of stuff the Patrol was formed to stop.

  • 2021 C. McQuiston One Last Stop xv. 358 Casey McQuiston bibliography

    They keep having to switch topics when he drifts too close, so he doesn’t figure out the whole thing is partially a cover for a time crime.

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