fankind n.

fans, considered collectively

[after mankind]

SF Fandom

  • [1908 Times-Dispatch (Richmond, VA) 1 May 7/1 page image

    The dark clouds that centred over Richmond yesterday, venting their spite upon all fankind, killed the scheduled game between the Lawmakers and Lynchburg.]

  • 1940 ‘C. S. Youd’ Paean by Miguel in Gargoyle (#1) Mar. 7 page image John Christopher

    Whether Sykora can loose and bind / In fandom as well as on Earth; / If it be wiser to kill fankind / Before or after birth

  • 1940 ‘4E’ & ‘Morojo’ Voice of Voice in Voice of Imagi-Nation (#5) Apr. 1 page image Forrest J. Ackerman Morojo

    Glenn, U restore our faith in fankind!

  • 1951 ‘Lee Hoffman’ Among Fankind in Science-Fiction Five-Yearly (#1) 15 (title of illustration) page image Lee Hoffman

    Among Fankind.

  • 1956 R. Bloch Way of Life in Fantastic Universe Oct. 16/1 page image Robert Bloch bibliography

    And from Moscow—which we know today as Moskowitz—came the war that ended the First Age of Fandom and almost ended the existence of all fankind.

  • 1967 T. White En Garde! in Algol (#12) 37 page image Ted White bibliography

    Ghod created the Fugghead to bug fankind, so that we might not grow too slothful nor too smug.

  • 1973 R. E. Geis Recent Fan Magazines in Alien Critic (#4) Jan. 6/1 page image Richard E. Geis bibliography

    ‘Alter-Ego is always gentle, Geis. I purr with love for all fankind. I adore crudzines. I—’ ‘All right, Alter, quit the bullshit and get on with it.’

  • 1978 M. Gruenwald What Fankind Needs in WOWEEKAZOWIE! (#4) Fall–Winter 5/1 page image

    I feel that each of the three fan activities cited have their own valid place in fankind, and none should supplant the other. Fankind, like comics, needs to provide diversity in order to survive.

  • 1986 ‘B. Tucker’ Convention Speech, Sort Of... in Outworlds (#49) Apr. 1637/2 page image Wilson Tucker

    [Midwestcon 37 speech] Always remember: Dr. Halley’s Comet Pills are the salvation of fankind, and a source of inspiration to the Big Name Pros. Two pills tonight, tomorrow a Hugo winner.

  • 1989 J. Foyster Letter in N.Y. Review of Science Fiction June 23/2 page image John Foyster bibliography

    If you can give more space for worthwhile works to be reviewed and cut back on space given to reviews of shitty books (as Paul Preuss implies about his Augean labors) then you’ll have taken one small step for fankind.

  • 2010 T. Pacitti My Best Friend Is a Wookiee xv. 183 (title of chapter) page image Tony Pacitti bibliography

    One Giant Leap for Fankind.

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