Marsian n. 1

a native or inhabitant of the planet Mars; = Martian n. 1

Now rare.


  • 1853 Judge Edmonds & Spirits in New York Herald 30 Oct. 2/5 page image

    At another circle one of the mediums used the word ‘fole;’ whereupon I began to think what language that could be. [...] She replied it was the language of the Marsians. ‘Who are the Marsians?’ I interrogated. ‘Why, of course,’ said she, ‘the inhabitants of the planet Mars.’ The word meant an assemblage of worlds.

  • 1882 ‘N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence xvii. 321 page image Nunsowe Green bibliography

    We found the Marsians to be good common-sense people, notwithstanding the peculiarity of many of their institutions.

  • 1889 H. MacColl Mr. Stranger’s Sealed Packet in Vilas County News (1897) 10 May vii. 8/2 page image Hugh MacColl bibliography

    [T]he vehicles were moved by some internal power or machinery; there were no horses or other beasts of burden to be seen anywhere. Evidently these Marsians had attained a high degree of civilization.

  • 1893 A. I. Jones & E. Merchant Unveiling Parallel i. 11 page image Alice Ilgenfritz Jones Ella Merchant bibliography

    I learned subsequently that all Marsians of taste are sparing of rich colors, as we are of gems, though certain classes indulge in extravagant and gaudy displays, recognizing no law but that which permits them to have and to do whatsoever they like.

  • 1906 ‘Tohunga’ Message from Mars in New Zealand Herald 14 Apr. (Supplement) 1/2 page image

    The Marsians, as we all know in these scientific days, are a highly civilised people, much in advance of ourselves. What their particular shape is we don’t know, for they may have grown up from ants instead of from monkeys, or even from elephants or ostriches.

  • 1940 J. W. Gilbert The Marsian (title) J. W. Gilbert bibliography

    The Marsian.

  • 2015 L. Tidhar Dynamics of Asteroid in Mammoth Book of Adventures of Moriarty vi. 75 page image Lavie Tidhar bibliography

    Make no mistake—it was the Marsians’ final goal: to rule us all, to control the world! Only Moran and I stood in their way—unlikely defenders of humankind.

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