solar n.

a unit of currency, esp. one used throughout a solar system; cf. earlier sol n. 2

  • 1942 G. Peck He Was Poor... But He Was Honest in Censored (#3) Mar. 7/2 page image

    [H]e had to remove twenty feet of that super dense matter to get at the lode of syrinamide, which would bring him fifteen solars a gram at the market at New Nuyork.

  • 1944 ‘W. Long’ Nomad in Astounding Science Fiction Dec. i. 11/1 page image George O. Smith bibliography

    [W]ould you care to do this the easy way? After all, Maynard, we are going to have the answer anyway. For your own sake, why not give it without pain. That offer of fifty thousand solars will be withdrawn upon the instant that the switch is closed.

  • 1952 S. A. Lombino Planet Named Joe in Planet Stories Nov. 57/2 page image Evan Hunter bibliography

    The Officer’s Club was a plasteel hut with window shields that protected it from the heat of the sun. It didn’t look too comfortable but I really wanted that drink. I reached into my tunic and slipped the native thirty solars. He stared at the credits curiously and then shrugged his shoulders. ‘Oh well, you’re new here. We’ll let it go.’

  • 1955 P. Anderson Long Way Home in Astounding Science Fiction July xviii. 131/1 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    ‘I’m offering a reward for the information. A hundred solars.’ Their eyes widened. Langley saw avarice on some of the faces, and flipped his cloak back in a casual way to reveal his gun. Its possession was a serious offense, but nobody seemed inclined to cry out for the police.

  • 1959 E. C. Tubb Orange in Worlds of If Nov. 116/2 page image E. C. Tubb bibliography

    It is always an education to find out just how much a man values his existance [sic]. ‘Five thousand solars— payable when my enemy has been eliminated.’ I swallowed my drink and headed toward the door. He caught my arm as I passed. ‘Ruby! For God’s sake!’ ‘What?’ ‘How much do you want?’ ‘Ten thousand solars now. Ten more when the job is finished.’

  • 1966 P. Anthony & F. Hall Message in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact July 10/2 page image Piers Anthony Frances Hall bibliography

    By centavo, by peso, solar by solar, Manuel had earned the money, as bouncer in the saloons of Juarez—where a glib tongue often made cruder measures unnecessary—and at other odd jobs. He had saved the solars by ruthlessly denying himself all but basic necessities.

  • 1975 A. C. Clarke Imperial Earth (1978) xxvii. 197 page image Arthur C. Clarke bibliography

    Ten thousand solars was far more than anyone would need for the purchase of a few Terran luxuries; and several times more than the Makenzies held in their own, perfectly legal accounts. Such an amount of money was more than a cause of envy; it was disturbing, especially if it was intended for some clandestine use.

  • 1985 F. Herbert Chapterhouse: Dune 157 page image Frank Herbert bibliography

    Foldspace was a critical economic barrier: How valuable a cargo compared to size and mass? You could spend many Solars moving massive stuff.

  • 2006 R. J. Sawyer Biding Time in Slipstreams 34 page image Robert J. Sawyer bibliography

    ‘How much did it come to?’ He spoke to the computer again, and pointed at the displayed figure. ‘Total, nine million solars.’ I frowned. ‘NewYou charges 7.5 million for their basic service. There can’t have been enough cash left over after she transferred to be worth killing her for, unless...’

  • 2013 C. Rambo I Come From Dark Universe in Clockwork Phoenix 4 page image Cat Rambo bibliography

    Here’s the deal. We give you a room. If you want to help out with cooking, food’s free, otherwise there’s a cost of 40 solars a cycle. You get 50% of profits from every trick. Costumes, specialty items, and supplies come out of your pay, but we only charge you cost. The House pays your license, and splits the cost of meddie treatments with you. Clients can give you gifts, but if you’re extorting or skimming, you're fired first time it happens.

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