Earthean adj.

= Earthian adj.



  • 1882 ‘N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence xix. 355 page image Nunsowe Green bibliography

    A small chlorine generator [...] catches up the noxious metallic gas, Venerium, out of the Venus atmosphere, ere it enters our lungs. A small admixture of this, to us, new gaseous metal, which Venus has added to our chemistry, is the chief cause of the disagreement of Venus’s atmosphere with our Earthean constitution.

  • 1951 B. Walton The Man in Marvel Science Stories Feb. 26/1 page image Bryce Walton bibliography

    That was an ironic and hideous joke of Earthean law.

  • 1952 B. Walton Man of Two Worlds in Space Stories Oct. iii. 18/1 page image Bryce Walton bibliography

    The Outcasts had taken many books with them when they’d been driven from the Colonial City. History made those names familiar. They were Cretan names, Earthean names. King Minos and Daedalus were Cretan, supposedly part of a very ancient Earth culture on a small island off the coast of Greece.

  • 1962 P. J. Bridge Newspapers Have Their Say in N. J. A. A. P. Bulletin Dec. 8 page image

    Unidentified Flying Objects, or ‘flying saucers,’ as they are known in the vernacular, are still around, even though they are not making headlines as regularly as a few years ago. The vari-colored, vari-shaped ‘things,’ which have been sighted flitting across earthean skies for at least 15 years are still being seen.

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