Earthean n.

= Earthian n. 1



  • 1882 β€˜N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence xix. 353 page image Nunsowe Green bibliography

    Venus, worthy of her name, is a beautiful planet, and already a favourite resort of our Eartheans. [Ibid. 357] The comparative cold, especially close on to sunrise, is so great, that we Eartheans could almost stand the night climate here unprotected; while a thousand feet aloft, in the thin Vulcanian atmosphere, we feel at night, so far as temperature is concerned, almost quite comfortable.

  • 1921 V. C. Criss Hearts Are Hearts in 1950 in Judge 2 July 14/3 page image

    And on the following morning they were married by a justice of the peace in Mars, that being the first elopement to that planet since communication between Mars and the Earth had been established. That is how Mars became the Gretna Green of love-sick Eartheans.

  • 2013 D. Harvey 3-2-1 Contact in San Francisco Bay Guardian 11–17 Dec. 28/1 page image

    It’s certainly not the first place that might come to mind when pondering where groundwork might be laid for the coming landing of space vessels from the 32 worlds of the Interplanetary Confederation, who will arrive at last to save we holdout β€˜Eartheans’ from our endless cycles of self-destruction. But that is exactly what El Cajon has been for nearly a half century, since Norman and Ruth Norman settled upon this place to headquarter their Unarius Academy of Science.

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