Betelgeusean n. 1

a native or inhabitant of the Betelgeuse system


  • 1921 H. Broun Books in New York Tribune 3 Jan. 10/6 page image Heywood Broun

    We see by the papers that Betelgeuse [...] is 27,000,000 times larger than the sun, and it would take trillions of our earth to equal it. And yet, so great is our faith in the fundamental sameness of universal nature, we’ll wager that when one Betelgeusian meets an old friend unexpectedly he remarks, ‘Well, well, it’s a small world, after all.’

  • 1922 Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Evening News 25 Aug. 16/7 page image

    As he swelters lying on the burning sands of some popular Betelgeuse beach resort, we expect him to remark to some Betelgeusean: ‘I'll bet it’s hot down there on the earth today.’

  • 1930 E. Hamilton Comet-Drivers in Weird Tales Feb. 276/2 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    Silent we stood again, at that, and then Gor Han and Jurt Tul reached forth, Betelgeusan [sic] and Aldebaranian and earth-man clasping hands in a moment’s grip.

  • 1941 ‘S. D. Gottesman’ Fire-Power in Cosmic Stories July iv. 15/2 page image C. M. Kornbluth bibliography

    Marines swarmed through the streets in the traditional manner of rightist revolutionaries. Should a face appear that hinted of Rigelian blood, or should a half-breed with the abnormally long hands and black teeth of a Betelgeusian pass the marines, there would be bloodshed and no questions asked. After a few hours of the reign of terror, the extraterrestrials crept into cellars and stayed there for the duration.

  • 1946 R. Davidson And on the Other Hand in Startling Stories Summer 104/2 page image

    It’s free country, Bobby, old Betelgeusean.

  • 1952 E. E. Smith Tea Tray in Sky in Galaxy Science Fiction Sept. 109/1 page image Evelyn E. Smith bibliography

    ‘Thuban, Thuban, I’ve been thinking,’ sang a buxom Betelgeusian, ‘what a Cosmos this could be, if land masses were transported to replace the wasteful sea.’

  • 1959 P. Anderson Message in Secret in Fantastic Dec. 31/2 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    Can you not, for instance, smuggle a letter out through some Betelgeusean?

  • 1960 P. Anderson Eve Times Four in Fantastic Apr. 73/1 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    Not that the Betelgeusean was unprepossessing.

  • 1973 ‘J. Tiptree, Jr.’ Women Men Don’t See in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 29/1 page image James Tiptree, Jr. bibliography

    I order another double, wishing to hell I’d gotten a good look at that gizmo. Did it have a label, Made by Betelgeusians? No matter how weird it was, how could a person be crazy enough to imagine—?

  • 1983 Atlanta Constitution Aug. 21 sm21/1 page image

    If the world was going to end in 12 minutes, would you follow a Betelgeusean to safety?

  • 1991 Wilmington (Delaware) News Journal Dec. 5 1/2 page image

    There are four more Betelgeuseans than Antareans traveling in a space ship. If there are 30 creatures in the ship, how many are Betelgeuseans?

  • 2003 B. Bridges et al. Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Aliens 32/1 page image

    Betelgeuseans dislike change, and look to the past for answers to life’s conundrums.

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