Saturnian n. 2

the language of Saturnians



  • 1935 H. J. Kostkos Earth Rehabilitators, Consolidated in Amazing Stories Apr. 63/2 page image Henry J. Kostkos bibliography

    Ross Griffin had been busily taking down Gurra’s confession in Saturnian and when the man finished he handed it to him to sign.

  • 1942 S. A. Coblentz Crystal Planetoids in Amazing Stories May 116/1 page image Stanton A. Coblentz bibliography

    β€˜Thur-glut-nu! Thur-glut-nu!’ came terribly, in the Saturnian tongue.

  • 1959 A. Hill Letter in Science Fiction Stories Sept. 117/1 page image Alma Hill

    Everybody is familiar with the tendency of most language systems in the bulky planets, where the politeness of a word is in direct proportion to its length, so that a really diplomatic statement may have to appear in several volumes. In Middle Saturnian, the business dialect, it is customary to use words averaging about twenty phonemes, more or less, with no discourtesy implied as long as the number does not fall below eight.

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