Neptunian n. 2

the language of Neptunians


  • 1930 E. Hamilton Universe Wreckers in Amazing Stories June 276/2 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    For that reason you have been saved, and have been taught our Neptunian tongue.

  • 1932 J. M. Walsh Vanguard to Neptune in Wonder Stories Quarterly Spring 849/2 page image J. M. Walsh bibliography

    They appeared not altogether unacquainted with the planet men, and, presently, for we still found considerable difficulty with the Neptunian tongue, we gathered that this was not the first occasion on which such visitors had appeared on the planet.

  • 1948 M. Zimmer Our Favorite Heroin in Planet Stories Summer 126/2 page image Marion Zimmer Bradley

    On a high arched door, little coiled letters of fire spelled out the Word in archaic Neptunian, the horrific incantation, HPARGIZIV!

  • 1957 Amazing Stories June 130 page image

    [Editorial response to a letter from a Spaniard learning English by reading science fiction] Thank you very much for writing, SeΓ±or Garrido. Your letter does us honor. We are happy to be of assistance to you in learning our language via Amazing Stories. One thing, though. You’ll probably end up knowing Martian, Venusian, and three dialects of Neptunian. That’s how science fiction is.

  • 1988 J. Rainbow Zeppelins of Void in Astro-Adventures: Tales of Scientifiction Apr. 50/2 page image Jason Rainbow bibliography

    Jingsara Koor looked up, and forgot the lovely charms of Virginia Dray. A foul Neptunian oath dribbled from his lips. A terrible sight met the red eyes of the space pirates. A sight they hadn't expected to see.

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