Neptunian adj.

of or relating to the the planet Neptune or its inhabitants


  • 1849 E. A. Poe Mellonta Tauta in Godey’s Lady’s Book Feb. 137/2 page image Edgar Allan Poe bibliography

    April 7.—Continued last night our astronomical amusements. Had a fine view of the five Nepturian [sic] asteroids, and watched with much interest the putting up of a huge impost on a couple of lintels in the new temple at Daphnis in the moon.

  • 1869 ‘R. L—’ Outside the Circle in Vermont Watchman & State Journal 19 May 1/4 page image

    Neptune journeys round the sun in an orbit of more than 18,000,000,000 miles, and yet if there are any residents upon his surface—and why should there not be?—the heavens present to them the same appearance as they do to us. There in the distance burns the Dog Star, there circles the Great Bear; while the Southern Cross, Orion, the beautiful Pleiades, and all the other constellations, are as familiar to the Neptunian astronomer as to us.

  • 1881 Planet Neptune in Youth’s Companion 17 Mar. 100/4 page image

    The sun to the Neptunians appears only a little larger than Venus when brightest, and gives only one thousandth part of the light and heat the earth receives. Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter shine in the Neptunian sky as stars of the sixth magnitude, but the other planets are invisible; the earth, of such importance in the estimation of those who dwell upon its surface, is entirely blotted from the sky, though astronomers there may be groping for it, as we are for planets within the orbit of Mercury.

  • 1904 Nonpareil Man in Minneapolis Journal 24 May 4/4 page image

    The cosmological center is much stirred in New York by a lady named ‘Vesta la Viestra, cosmologist’, who has just returned from the planet Neptune [...] Vesta then went on at length to explain how her soul mate had kissed her without being pulled by the Neptunian police for sparking in the parks—and all that kind of stuff. Soul mates!! Huh!

  • 1930 E. Hamilton Universe Wreckers in Amazing Stories July 348/2 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    We had reached the dark side of Triton, we knew, and now moved mare carefully still, for upon that dark side, we knew equally well, slept half the massed millions of the Neptunian races.

  • 1936 J. Williamson Cometeers in Astounding Stories June 42/2 page image Jack Williamson bibliography

    The nameless oppression of the Neptunian night sank into him once more.

  • 1943 H. F. Parker Sword of Johnny Damokles in Planet Stories Mar. 27/1 page image Hugh Frazier Parker bibliography

    Are there any Neptunian cruisers massing? Have the planetary wars ended?

  • 1957 Endlessness in Imagination June 88/2 page image bibliography

    What conception would one have say on the first Jovian or Neptunian journey? The thought is certainly awesome.

  • 1962 J. G. Ballard Passport to Eternity in Amazing Stories June 63/1 page image J. G. Ballard bibliography

    Tony mapped out an itinerary, slipped a flask of Five-Anchor Neptunian Rum into his hip pocket and dialled a helicab.

  • 1979 L. A. Fiedler Who Was William Olaf Stapledon in Galileo May 35/3 page image Leslie A. Fiedler bibliography

    It purports to be told by the same Neptunian narrator as its icier and more abstract predecessor.

  • 1996 G. Couzens Facilitator in Interzone (#108) June 27/1 page image Gary Couzens bibliography

    She’s from Triton: they’re a conservative race, those settlers out in the cold Neptunian wastes.

  • 2000 M. Resnick Elephants on Neptune in Asimov’s Science Fiction May 39 page image Mike Resnick bibliography

    ‘Are you African elephants or Indian?’….‘We’re Neptunian elephants,’ they answered.

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