astrogating n.

= astrogation n.

Also as adj.

  • 1932 F. Pragnell & R. F. Starzl Venus Germ in Wonder Stories Nov. 492/2 page image R. F. Starzl Festus Pragnell bibliography

    Haye breathed easier. The very fact that he was still alive proved that the astrogating officers had the situation in hand.

  • 1941 M. W. Wellman Sojarr of Titan in Startling Stories Mar. i. 19/1 page image Manly Wade Wellman bibliography

    [T]wenty years will see lots of improvements in rocket engines, astrogating instruments and technique.

  • 1943 P. S. Miller Gleeps in Astounding Science-Fiction July 111/1 page image P. Schuyler Miller bibliography

    [Gleeps can become a copy of anyone, including the narrator.] This Gleeps is a very conscientious guy until he gets rattled. He’s me. I’m astrogator. So when the old man asks him for the ship’s course, what can he do but produce? He don’t know astrogating from nothing, but he’s me—he's got my brain and my handwriting. So he writes ’em a course. Since he's an amateur, he makes a couple of perfectly natural errors.

  • 1956 B. W. Aldiss Psyclops in New Worlds Science Fiction (#49) July 35 page image Brian W. Aldiss bibliography

    Astrogating, the business of getting from one planet to another, is far too intricate a task for anyone but an expert to master.

  • 1961 H. Calin A Time to Die in Amazing Stories June 50/1 page image Harold Calin bibliography

    They were recruiting a complete crew for Kingsford’s new ship, the Algonquin. She was new throughout, the drive and astrogating equipment being of a design with which I was unfamiliar. I began to understand why I was no longer eligible for command. A short three year absence and space technology had passed me by.

  • 1979 S. Robinson & J. Robinson Stardance (1980) iii. iii. 222 page image Spider Robinson Jeanne Robinson bibliography

    We essentially widened the circle of our orbit until it intersected the Trojan point—decelerating like hell all the way so that we’d be at rest relative to it when we got there. It had to be at least partly by-guess-and-by-God, because any transit in Saturn’s system is a ten-body problem (don’t even think about the Ring), and Bill was an equal partner with the computer in that astrogating job. He did a world-class job, as I had known he would, wasting no fuel and, more important, no passengers.

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