needle pistol n.

a handheld needle gun n.


  • 1933 J. Winks Adrift on a Meteor in Amazing Stories Aug.–Sept. 433/2 page image Jack Winks bibliography

    There was a nasty grin on Whitey’s face, an’ him an’ Ben covered us all with needle pistols.

  • 1938 R. W. Heckman Asteroid Pirates in Astounding Science-Fiction Aug. 115/2 page image Royal W. Heckman bibliography

    Fennel jumped up. He held a needle pistol pointed at the center of Bellon’s forehead.

  • 1951 F. M. Robinson Fire & the Sword in Galaxy Science Fiction Aug. 125/2 page image Frank M. Robinson bibliography

    He had made sure that a certain box was on board, filled with shiny atomic rifles, needle pistols, and the fat little gas guns. They might be needed.

  • 1968 C. C. MacApp Where the Subbs Go in Worlds of If May 46/1 page image C. C. MacApp bibliography

    His right hand dipped below the desk, and Ralse presumed it now held a handgun. A needle-pistol—that was supposed to be Sunner’s preference.

  • 1991 D. Long Adam’s Offspring in Far Point (#1) Nov.–Dec. 17/2 page image Duncan Long bibliography

    He drew a worn needle pistol out of the belt on his jumpsuit and fired a wild shot into the shadows where the creatures had vanished.

  • 2007 B. Herbert & K. J. Anderson Sandworms of Dune (2008) 337 page image Kevin J. Anderson Brian Herbert bibliography

    The child clamped the cutter between her teeth, tucked the needle pistol into her small shirt, and began to creep through the vent.

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