meat world n.

= meatspace n.

  • 1992 D. Porush Transcendence at Interface: Architecture of Cyborg Utopia in Thinking Robots, Aware Internet, and Cyberpunk Librarians 130 page image David Porush

    Despite his initially dystopian vision, Gibson also portrays cyberspace as a site for the release of imaginings, unconscious desires, heroic adventure, and even transcendence forbidden and sterilized in the real ‘meat’ world where bodies have to eat.

  • 1993 Re: Unicorns? Impossible. in (Usenet newsgroup) 21 June page image

    i have photographic proof that they do exist!! it’s true. See ‘Andy Warhol’s Party Book’ where they throw a party specially for a unicorn. if you don’t have access to this invaluable historical document - e-mail me your meatworld address and i can send you copies.

  • 1994 N. Smith Fade to Black xiii. 103 page image Nyx Smith bibliography

    Runs like these were rough on Piper, Rico knew. She couldn’t concentrate only on the matrix. She had to deal with the meat world, too. Security setups, progress of the penetration, coordinate things. Make sure the right elevator was at the right floor at just the right time.

  • 1995 J. P. Barlow Foreword in Official PGP User’s Guide x page image John Perry Barlow

    Any government that can automatically generate an intimate profile of every one of its citizens is a government endowed with a potential for absolute power that will eventually, to use Lord Acton’s phrase, corrupt absolutely. Few civil liberties are likely to survive such capacities in the hands of the increasingly panicky authoritarians who run the embattled old bureaucracies of the Meat World.

  • 1997 P. Blackbridge Prozac Highway 53 page image

    Peter: could be a butch butch, could be a het boy. So? If you’re having virtual sex, does it matter what your virtual girlfriend wears between her legs in the Meatworld?

  • 2018 These Should Be Boom Times for Sex in Atlantic Monthly Dec. 83/2

    The internet has made it so easy to gratify basic social and sexual needs that there’s far less incentive to go out into the ‘meatworld’ and chase those things.

  • 2021 J. VanderMeer Hummingbird Salamander xxiv. 60 Jeff VanderMeer bibliography

    ‘No one’s following me. No one’s there, Charlie.’ It came down to this: I wasn’t ready to believe some online searches had spilled over into the meat world. Charlie looked at me like I was naïve, then shrugged. ‘Okay, then. No one’s following you.’

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