Europan adj.

of or relating to the Jovian moon Europa or its inhabitants


  • 1931 E. E. Smith Spacehounds of IPC in Amazing Stories Sept. xiii. 570/1 page image Edward E. Smith bibliography

    Callisto’s foremost citizens were on hand to welcome the Terrestrial rescuers, and revelry reigned supreme in that deeply buried Europan community.

  • 1943 A. dePina & H. Hasse Star of Panadur in Planet Stories Mar. 66/2 page image Henry Hasse Albert dePina bibliography

    ‘We’re the first to find life on Europa, the only ones to see what inhabits it; and all you can think of is your damned stomach. You can’t be starved, you ate this morning!’ ‘Yes, and that was the last of it,’ Jim snarled. His face was ugly now and purposeful. ‘Well, I’m hungry again, and now that I’ve found these Europan kangaroos I aim to be fed and kept warm. Notice how fine that pelt is?’

  • 1962 R. F. Young Star Fisherman in Fantastic Stories of Imagination June 37/2 page image Robert F. Young bibliography

    On Europa, the people are desperately unhappy, and when people are desperately unhappy they can find relief in only one way—by exploiting someone who is worse off than they are. Bringing a Europan girl a dead man is like bringing a New Earth girl a box of candy.

  • 1989 C. Sheffield Out of Copyright in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 97 page image Charles Sheffield bibliography

    The Phase B effort that the four combines were working on now was a proof-of-capability run for the full Europan Metamorphosis…. The next phases called for the delivery of fifty asteroids to impact points on Europa (Phase C), followed by thermal mixing operations on the moon’s surface (Phase D).

  • 2001 P. Di Filippo Doing the Unstuck in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 14 page image Paul Di Filippo bibliography

    Finally the jagged, faintly luminescent underside of the miles of ice that enclosed the Europan biosphere loomed above her.

  • 2015 G. N. Bossert Twelve & Tag in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 55 page image Gregory Norman Bossert bibliography

    The T.A.G. capture process uses viral systems based on Europan organisms. I’ve got that in me. Just having a backup at all, does that really leave us human?

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