Afrofuturist adj.

of, relating to, or characterized by Afrofuturism n.

SF Criticism

  • 1994 Melody Maker 8 Oct. 46

    The leap from ‘Voodoo Ray’ makes sense because jungle is Afro-futurist.

  • 1999 Spin Jan. 93/3

    Obsessed with mutant gene theory, ‘negative evolution’, and delivering suburban ravers a glow-stick beatdown, Detroit’s reclusive Afrofuturist techno guerilla squad Underground Resistance imbue their darkcore with a cryptic political urgency.

  • 2001 S. Reynolds in Village Voice (N.Y.C.) 22 May 67/3

    Classics of the last decade include Kodwo Eshun’s Afro-futurist foreword to his book More Brilliant Than the Sun and ‘riot boy’ band Nation of Ulysses’s 13 Point Program to Destroy America.

  • 2002 G. Lovink Uncanny Networks 353

    My next book will be an Afro-futurist anthology with a historical section…. It will show the spread of concepts, the linking of science fiction and sound, sonic fiction.

  • 2009 R. Hankins Fictional Islam in Foundation (vol. 38, no. 105) Spring 79 page image

    He spends the bulk of the article dissecting the works of African Americans Stephen Barnes, Jalaluddin Nuriddin, and Ishmael Reed, whose writings have extensive connections to urban life, Islamic movements, and in the case of Barnes and Nuriddin, he further ties to the Afrofuturist novels and African centered science fiction.

  • 2014 N.Y. Review of Books 9 Jan. 50/4

    In the Afrofuturist imagination, outer space appears as an extra-terrestrial Zion, a sanctuary from the Armageddon on earth.

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