Afrofuturistic adj.

= Afrofuturist adj.

SF Criticism

  • 2000 J. Chang in Spin Apr. 198/3

    Drum grenades frag the folds of ‘Enter the Chuzzler’ and ‘Dub in the Arena’, while the journey from the trad-and-true ‘A Family Affair’ to the Afro-futuristic ‘Dance a Yard’ is like watching the roots groove grow endless branches.

  • 2009 Los Angeles Times 19 Feb. 78/1 page image

    Plus, don’t miss the Afro-futuristic stylings of musical maverick Janelle Monae along with break-dance performances and graffiti art.

  • 2018 Stars & Stripes 16 Feb. 24/3 page image

    Boseman and Coogler, 31, have already made an impact with their take on ‘Black Panther’, a sprawling work of Afrofuturistic fantasy flair exploding its way out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe formula and flourishing in the absence of, well, the Avengers.

  • 2019 R. McGrath in Vector (#289) Summer 93/1 page image

    I create multimedia and assemblage works, interweaving symbolisms of a sacred and cosmological nature to explore notions of beauty, spirituality and the metaphysical plane, in an avant-garde, afro-futuristic, postmodern, neo-surrealist style that examines notions of ‘Black’ identity.

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