message rocket n.

a (small) rocket used to carry a message




  • 1933 โ€˜J. B. Harrisโ€™ Exiles on Asperus in Wonder Stories Quarterly Winter 168/2 page image John Wyndham bibliography

    Instead of the irregular lump of cosmic rubbish he expected, he found himself gazing at a dented, stellium cylinder. โ€˜A message rocket,โ€™ he muttered. โ€˜Now what the โ€”?โ€™ Bending down, he rolled it over and felt for the catch which would slide the message compartment cover aside.

  • 1944 L. Brackett Veil of Astellar in Thrilling Wonder Stories Spring 50/1 page image Leigh Brackett bibliography

    A little over a year ago, Solar Arbitrary Time, a message rocket dropped into the receiving chute at the Interworld Space Authority headquarters on Mars.

  • 1951 F. Pratt Asylum Satellite in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 26/1 page image Fletcher Pratt bibliography

    In firing a torpedo you want an impact at the end of the run, a big smash. A message rocket would have to arrive in shape to deliver the message, so velocity would have to be considered.

  • 1956 V. Lang Thereby Hangsโ€ฆ in Astounding Science Fiction May 136/1 page image Varley Lang bibliography

    He asked, somewhat stupidly, โ€˜Wasnโ€™t that a message rocket, Mr. Thorn?โ€™ โ€˜We have occasion to send messages from time to time.โ€™

  • 1964 D. Malcolm Dilemma with Three Horns in New Worlds Science Fiction Jan. 18 page image Donald Malcolm bibliography

    I wouldnโ€™t waste any time putting that message rocket into orbit, Kurt. Every minute is going to be precious from now on.

  • 1975 J. Varley Black Hole Passes in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 9/1 page image John Varley bibliography

    He recorded on a chip the size of a flyspeck and loaded it into a tiny transmitter and fired it off parcel post in a five-stage, high-gee message rocket.

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