Bradburian adj.

= Bradburyish adj.

Also Bradburyian.

SF Criticism

  • 1951 L. Carter Letter in Startling Stories July 139 page image Lin Carter

    Sam Merwin’s Short Order had a very surprising, rather Bradburian ending that left me numb.

  • 1954 P. Mittelbuscher Letter in Planet Stories May 111/2 page image

    McKimmey entered another strong plea for racial tolerance with George Loves Gistla, employing something of a ‘Bradburian’ atmosphere.

  • 1963 Books in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July 105/2 page image

    There remains so much that is rich and strange, so much that awakens echoes of the uncritical, magical, Bradburian past, in this book.

  • 1978 B. Glass in Science Fiction Review Nov.–Dec. 30/1 page image Bill Glass

    It begins rather Bradburian in tone. It’s the late 1920s in the small prairie town of Hawley, Kansas.

  • 2012 P. Di Filippo On Books in Asimov’s Science Fiction Aug. 108/2 page image Paul Di Filippo

    A Bradburyian automated domicile features in ‘The House That Jackdaw Built’.

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Lin Carter, in a letter to Startling Stories

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