Ballardian adj.

of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing of J. G. Ballard, esp. in featuring desolate, dystopian settings and a pessimistic view of the effects of modern technological society

SF Criticism

  • 1964 K. Amis Science Fiction in London Observer 23 Aug. 18/7 Kingsley Amis

    Delta and jungle, dream and hallucination, images of the collapse of time continue to oppress the man who refuses to leave his island or his planet when everyone else has been evacuated, the man who blinds himself rather than lose access to his traumatic inner vision, and other Ballardian isolates.

  • 1966 L. Harding Cosmological Eye in Australian Science Fiction Review (#2) Aug. 21 page image Lee Harding bibliography

    He is essentially a ’new wave’ author, a convert to the Ballardian concept of ’inner space’—and prefers to place his stories in everyday surroundings and to write wherever possible from experience.

  • 1968 R. Gordon Brian W. Aldiss in Speculation Sept. 16 page image Stuart Gordon

    The introductions to the stories in the U.S. collection GALAXIES LIKE GRAINS OF SAND (1960) reveal specific interest in the metaphysical nature of Time and Reality, while a 1958 story from the same collection, 'Incentive', displays what almost amounts to a post-Ballardian interest in the racial subconscious.

  • 1975 D. Grigg S F Commentary (#44/45) Dec. 14/1 page image David Grigg bibliography

    This book is not Kafkaesque, nor Ballardian.

  • 1981 Washington Post 25 Oct. (Book World) 8/2

    The ghost-plesiosaur of Bryant's ‘Strata’ recalls the ancient horrors of Ballardian masterpieces such as The Drowned World and ‘The Delta at Sunset’.

  • 1988 S. R. Delany in N.Y. Times 15 May (Book Review) 28/4 Samuel R. Delany

    It’s particularly effective for evoking the archetypal Ballardian objects: draining lakes, dried-up swimming pools, empty rivers, dusty streets, ruined machinery, beached boats, wrecked cars—or the obsessed men and women haunting them.

  • 2009 J. McCalmont Benign Psychopathology: The Films of J. G. Ballard in Vector (#261) Autumn 16/2 page image Jonathan McCalmont bibliography

    Of course, while there have only been a handful of Ballard adaptations this does not mean that there are no other Ballardian films.

  • 2021 Guardian (The Guide section) 54

    There’s a dark, Ballardian twist on horror in this new series.

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