spidey sense n.

= spider sense n.


  • 1963 S. Lee & S. Ditko Amazing Spider-Man (#48) May 1 page image

    The heavy snowfall is muffling my spidey sense, making it tougher than ever to latch onto Kraven!

  • 1977 (title)

    Spidey Sense Number Puzzles.

  • 1993 Edmonton Journal 2 May d1

    If you’ve felt unsure of what to watch—your Spidey-sense tingling the past few days, accompanied by a hair-trigger TV remote—it’s for good reason. The May sweeps are upon us.

  • 2005 Maximum PC Mar. 24/3 page image

    While the Dog thinks consumers’ Spidey sense should always kick in when someone offers ‘free’ products, Freeipods.com is a completely legitimate operation.

  • 2007 Nintendo Gamer Mar. 64/1 page image

    Well, my spidey-sense is telling me I should stop muttering away like a disgruntled spouse and get some serious ANTICIPATION in.

  • 2016 Cosmopolitan Sept. 160/2 page image

    But heed your spidey sense on the 11th if you suspect someone of going rogue.

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