gravitonic adj.

of or relating to gravitons

  • 1929 ‘H. Vincent’ Barton’s Island in Amazing Stories Aug. 394/2 page image Harl Vincent bibliography

    The graviton, be it remembered, was identified by Barton in the laboratory as a close analogy to the magneton, that final element of magnetism whose relation to magnetism is similar to that of the electron to electricity. Its relation to the earth’s gravity field being determined, it was a logical, though by no means a simple, step to the artificial generation of gravitons, both positive and negative. The method of producing a negative gravitonic field surrounding two poles composed of the metal bartonite was his final development, and the world found itself in the possession of a practical means of getting away from the surface of the earth by the repulsive force of the opposing fields.

  • 1943 ‘R. Rocklynne’ Exile to Centauri in Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 37/2 page image Ross Rocklynne bibliography

    You see how beautiful it is? Suppose that we can isolate gravitons, make a gravitonic matrix. Strip the magnetic field from the electron, and you may have a particle which will react to your coordinate verniers the way you want it to!

  • 1948 A. E. van Vogt Rull in Astounding Science Fiction May 26/2 page image A. E. van Vogt bibliography

    At top speed, obviously traveling under gravitonic power, the enemy warships turned a sharp somersault, and came back toward the table[-]land.

  • 1976 G. Lucas Star Wars: From Adventures of Luke Skywalker (1977) xi. 176 page image George Lucas bibliography

    It was a temple, a roughly pyramidal structure so colossal that it seemed impossible it could have been built without the aid of modern gravitonic construction techniques.

  • [1979 Competition #8: Future Brands in Omni Aug. 145/3 page image

    When they feel listless and weighted down after a long day on Jupiter, they’ll crack open a bottle of Gravitonic, the hard soft drink that lightens their load with anti-g bubbles.]

  • 1983 B. Herbert Sidney’s Comet xii. 233 page image Brian Herbert bibliography

    Just as she started to roll forward, the mass driver shell lurched, and she rolled hard against a quarter bulkhead. Grabbing the bulkhead to stay on her feet, the Mayor read a Patterman Gravitonic Indicator dial mounted there. The reading: ‘1.027.’

  • 2006 C. Beckett Dark Eden in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 56 page image Chris Beckett bibliography

    They used to say there were only five people on Earth who really understood how a gravitonic engine works. I wasn’t one of them. What I do know is that, for a few seconds, it generates an artificial gravitational field of sufficient strength to convert the space around it into the equivalent of a black hole.

  • 2020 P. F. Hamilton Saints of Salvation 42 Peter F. Hamilton bibliography

    I don’t have a classification for them, as the Neána have not been aware of them before, but I did see their purpose in the onemind’s thoughts. They’re carrying some kind of gravitonic generator. I’m not sure how it works, but presumably it’s a variant on the gravitonic drive.

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