atmosphere suit n.

= space suit n.

  • 1948 ‘M. Leinster’ Space-Can in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 119/1 page image Murray Leinster bibliography

    He put on a light atmosphere-suit and went out the lock.

  • 1951 I. Asimov C-Chute in Galaxy Oct. 9/2 page image Isaac Asimov bibliography

    It was my fault. You should never trust yourself with the machines of another culture. By the time someone among the Kloros could put on an atmosphere suit and get to me, it was too late to save my hands.

  • 1961 D. E. Westlake Risk Profession in Amazing Stories Mar. 114/2 page image Donald E. Westlake bibliography

    Karpin and McCann had set their dome up at just about the only really level spot on that entire planetoid. The rest of it was nothing but jagged rock, and it wasn’t easy traveling at all, maneuvering around with magnets on my boots and a bulky atmosphere suit cramping my movements.

  • 1964 H. Harrison Final Encounter in Galaxy Apr. 132/1 page image Harry Harrison bibliography

    His body said it for him, arrogant, tall, heavily muscled, bronzed and nude under the transparent atmosphere suit. He was breathing lightly and normally, and his face never changed expression as he looked at her desperately heaving breast.

  • 1977 C. W. Runyon Daughter of the Vine in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 74/2 page image Charles W. Runyon bibliography

    No problem. Put me in an atmosphere suit, coat it with repellent, and swing me above the vines as you did before.

  • 1985 N. Spinrad Child of Fortune xvi. 255 page image Norman Spinrad bibliography

    A century ago, I came here to study the forest as a mage in the research domes. But something moved my spirit to doff my atmosphere suit, don filter mask and floatbelt, and trek deep enough into the interior to know that here I would come when my time came to die.

  • 1996 ‘R. W. Murill’ War Dogs of the Golden Horde xi. 50 page image Will Murray bibliography

    ‘I’m hit! I’m hit!’ Then came the terrible hissing of an atmosphere suit disintegrating under Terran atmospheric pressure.

  • 2002 M. Swanwick Slow Life in Year’s Best Science Fiction (#20) page image Michael Swanwick bibliography

    Lizzie dogged down the lid of the collecting box and began to skip across the granite-hard ice, splashing the puddles and dragging the boot of her atmosphere suit through the rivulets of methane pouring down the mountainside. ‘I'm singing in the rain.’ She threw out her arms and spun around. ‘Just sing-ing in the rain!’

  • 2009 E. Brown Cold Testing in Asimov’s Science Fiction June 67 page image Eric Brown bibliography

    Seconds later he revved the engine and nosed the vehicle from the garage. As it bucked over the frozen, uneven surface, I found an atmosphere suit and struggled into it.

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